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Exotic Aoleang festival in Nagaland || Festival of the headhunter warriors

Event Tourism -- Aoleang festival Nagaland || The festival of a warrior tribe

warfare practice during the 4th day

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, it is home to many tribes, race and ethnicity. One such region is the Northeastern India which is home to the Mongoloid race in India. We can say that they are more Indian than the other India's in the country. Let me explain myself, there is a State of Arunanchal Pradesh which borders with China and China claims it to be the southern Tibet and claims it as part of the Chinese territory. These people who live thousands of kilometers away from Delhi (The National Capital) fight against these claims of the Chinese though they are ethnically closer to the Chinese people. Despite facing discrimination they still call themselves Indian and when push comes to shove they stand with the Indian Army to fight against the Chinese Incursion.
But today we are not going to talk about the disputes in the northeastern region, but we are going to know about a beautiful place called Nagaland and its tribe -- Konyak tribe and their beautiful age old festival called Aoleang which attracts curious tourists from world over.
But before we start our Journey let me first tell you about the Konyak tribe.

Konyak Tribe

It is one of the indigenous tribes of India, they are one among many tribes who live in the small state of Nagaland. The Konyak Tribe is a warrior tribe and they were famous head hunters in the past (till 1970s). Konyak tribal celebrate Aoleang festival as their harvest festival which is celebrated in the first week of April every year.

Aoleang Festival

Today Haongfoi village in Nagaland is bustling with  energy. Village Male, female, elders and children are in their traditional attires. The male's are sitting in Morong, women are not allowed in the Morong. But they are not out of action most women keep peeping inside the Morong. Morong is like a nursery where the elders teach the young male members of the community about their culture, hunting and Warfare. Today in Morong the famous Headhunters of the past have gathered. Their faces are covered in their tattoos. Though these elders have left their head hunting past behind. Headhunting was banned since 1970. Today these elders have gathered for the Aoleang Festival. 

Aoleang festival is a 6 day festival of the Konyak tribal. An elder of the community get on the stage and tells people that earlier this festival used to begin with sacrifice of the animals but now times have changed and the festival begins with Prayer.
After this the elders and the other male members who are dressed in their traditional attire -- which looks very unique, they wear a cap and some bones and horn are decorated over the cap, and feathers of birds embellishes the beauty of the cap, the cap is accompanies by the robe which the male wear cross wise from their shoulder to the waist -- gather in the ground and beat the log drum. Log drum is a drum made from a wooden log which is made hollow by carving its inside. These drums are used in festival as well as when they have to signal an enemy attack on the village.

Beating of log drum

Beating of log drum

For the male of the village Spears and machete is as their part of the body but now these spear and machete have been replaced by the Guns which are home made. The male warriors gather in the ground and form a circle after which they fire on some target. The Volley of fires is an attraction for the tourists. After the Gun fire the males form small groups and they sing and dance with their group members. 

Gun fire

Male and females perform different functions in the festivals. The women gather on the field and the first to enter the the women dressed in black, these women are married and the elders women in the village, after them the unmarried women gather on the field and they perform a very different kind of dance, the women hold hands and form circle. They dance by shifting balance from front foot to back foot and visa versa while holding hands of each other.
Married and elder Women dancing in black

Unmarried women dancing 

The festival is divided in 6 days--
1st day- is called Hoi Lai Yah Neih or the day of preparation when water and wood is gathered for the festival. This is done by the women in the village
2nd day- is called Yim Mok Fo Nieh or day when animals are brought home for sacrifice, this job is performed by the male members of the society.
3rd day- is called Yim Mok Che Neih or day day of sacrifice 
4th day- Lingneu Nieh is the most important day. The community members wear traditional cloths and dance and sing together. and they invite guests and relatives for feast.
5th day- Linga Nieh on this day the elders and family members are paid respect.
6th day- is the last day and is called Lingshan Nieh on this day the villagers clean the house and village off the garbage produced during the festival.

One of the best part of being an India, what I believe, is that we get to experience extremes of every thing in our life. What foreign tourists call a cultural shock, is a common thing for us and we enjoy such diversity to its fullest. 

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Exotic Touring -- Pongal & Jallikattu || A 2,500 year old festival and A 3000 year old sport ||

Event Tourism -- Pongal and Jallikattu

In the month of January when the Northern India faces Winter and some times rains due to 
Western Disturbances, Tamil Nadu in The Southern India remains unaffected and prepares for one of the most famous festival in India -- Pongal.
The conditions in South India is ideal for a person like me who hates winter and is tolerant to the summer condition , in addition to the moderate climate the southern states feels very vibrant due to the upcoming festival and sports i.e., Pongal and Jallikattu. 
The festival provides a spiritual connect with our maker and the Jallikattu pumps the adrenaline in our blood to a next level when we see hundreds of bulls and the men trying to tame the bull with their bare hand.

Before jumping to Jallikattu , I would like to introduce my readers to the age old Pongal festival and Jallikattu is just a part of this amazing festival.

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Exotic festival || Get "Sunburn"ed in Pune || Maharashtra

Event Tourism: SunBurn Festival

Are you a music lover? Do you love open air concerts? Then you must have heard about the Sunburn EDM festival  organized in India. For those who don't know what EDM is-- well it means Electronic Dance Music.

Pic Credit-- Sunburn Gallery

If you have been to one of these Sunburn festivals then you may have an idea about the magnitude of the event and for those who have only heard about it ... well, try to guess how big the event is ??? ...? ...?? any guess?
Let me enlighten you guys ( oops, sorry for being so conceited XD) ,it is

Asia's Biggest Music Festival and world's 3rd Largest Dance event!!!

Lemme tone down my excitement and tell you guys about the event.

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Exotic Touring-- Tribal Festival "Nuakhai" in the state of Odisha

                            Event Tourism in Odisha-- Nuakhai

                                     Nuakhai Date-- 14 September , 2018.

Nuakhai is an agricultural festival in Odisha. It is observed on the day after Ganesha Chaturthi.
Nuakhai is an agricultural festival and is also known as Nuakhai Parab or Nuakhai Bhetghat, Nuakhai literally translates to " Nua" meaning new and "Khai" meaning food i.e newly harvested "Rice".

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Exotic Touring:- Enjoy Ganesha Chaturthi and Ziro Music Festival

         Event Tourism During Ganesha Chaturthi

Ziro Festival

If you are on a Tour to northeast or planning a trip to Northeast India , want to Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi and also want to enjoy an open-air music festival at 5500ft height in Himalayas then this blog is written for you . Read it till the end to know about the festivals.

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Top 5 Places to Visit During Ganesha Chaturthi

   Temples to visit during Ganesha Chaviti-2018

Ganesh chaturthi is a ten-day festival which will begin from 13th of September and will last till 22nd September. During these ten day millions of devotees will do pilgrimage to Ganesha Temple , Pandals and will participate in Ganesha Visarjan . If you are thinking about visiting a temple and can't make out which one , well here is a list of most famous Ganesha Temple in India.

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Don't Miss Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2018

       Ganesh Chaturthi -- Event Tourism

Ganpati or Vinayak Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaviti is a Hindu Festival Celebrated in the month of September . According to Hindu Calendar Ganesh Chaturthi  is on13th September 2018 and the preparation for the festival starts a week before the 1st day Ganesha Chaviti. People chant the phrase "Ganpati Bappa Moriya"( God Ganesha Bless us) during the pooja (worship) and procession. The Phrase so much popular that a bollywood song has a funny line in it which says "Ganpati Bappa Moriya , pareshan kare mujhe choriya"( god Ganesh Bless me,I am troubled by womem :D).

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Krishna Janmashtimi Live Updates From Vrindavan

     Live Updates Of  Krishna Janmashtimi From Vrindavan

  • Shayan Aarti after 9:30 PM.
  • Shri Madbhagvatam discourse from after aarti till 12:00A.M
  • MahaAbhishekh (Ceremonial Bath) at 12:00 A.M. Temple not open for public.
  • Darshan opens for public at around 2 AM
  • Mangal AArti is Performed at 3:30 A.M --not a regular aatri , done only on Janmashtimi.
  • bhog is offered at 5 AM.
  • Temple Closes At 6:00A.M after another Aarti.

Dahi Handi Live Updates

                       Dahi Handi Live Updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishes HAPPY JANAMASHTIMI to the people of India 

Dahi Handi A street Sport: Depiction of Childhood Of Lord Krishna

                              The Human Pyramid

Dahi Handi (a pot filled with curd) is a festival in which a pot is tied at a Height of 30 to 40 feet , a team of participants form a human pyramid to reach the to the pot and break it. Each participating team is given 3 attempts and whichever team achieves the Task of breaking the pot 1st is the winner. These Street Sports are sponsored and prize money can range from 2 lakh to 12 lakh (2500$ - 15000$) or some times even more. All the big names and most of the Bollywood Actors also support this event and sometimes acts as guest of Honors.
Dahi Handi is celebrated in the month of August or September each year. This year the celebration is on 3rd September and it will be attended by millions of people and tourists. India has a world record of Highest Human pyramid, it was 9 storied and 43.9 feet tall . In this event some times teams from Catalonia also participates. 

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Krishna Janmashtimi: Top 5 Places For Event Tours In This Festivity.

Krishna Janmashtimi -- The Day Our Lord Was Born

Krishna Janmashtimi celebrated on the 8th day of Sawan which is August - September in Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated at the night as lord Krishna was born at midnight. It is one of the biggest festivals in India and is celebrated across India. Priests prepare the Mandir , sanctum and Moorti(idol) of Baal Gopal(child krishna) and start the Pooja(worship) in the evening and the pooja continues till 12:00 in the night.When the clock shows 12:00 a.m in the midnight Aarti is performed of Lord Krishna , the aarti continues for half an hour to one hour and millions of people wait in line just to get a glimpse of child lord. This whole event is also shown live on television across India and millions watch it live and pray for their well being. Though the festival is celebrated across India but in some of the places ,which are associated with Krishna's life,  where the celebration is intense with bells and the procession and pooja continues for whole night. Here are My favorite top 5 places to visit during Krishna Janmastimi. 

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Bihu Festival : Event Tourism in Hilly region of Assam

         Assam its plains, river Island ,majestic rivers and Hospitable Tribes

Assam Tea Garden

Assam is a state in the north eastern part of India , this state is surrounded by six other states of north India and they are collectively known as "Seven Sister States". It also touches the Bengali speaking region state of West Bengal and borders with Bangladesh on its southern boarder. Having surrounded with so many cultures Assam has taken bits and pieces of the other cultures and integrated with its own in a very unique and beautiful way.
Its plains are beautifully carved by Brahmaputra making the largest river island in the world -"Majuli" . Its hill slopes are famous for Tea gardening and it is one of the largest Tea producers. This culture has many tribes and each tribe has its distinct culture but a festival which is common to most of the tribe is Bihu and the most famous among them is Rongali or Bohag Bihu.

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